Thursday, February 25, 2010

Why TF do Angela's Krauts get so excited about Greece nowadays?

I had a Texan boss in the nineties who, when he found out one day about the awful state of a sales deal we were working on, he said... "you know, things get sometimes so bad that you can either shed bitter tears about it or laugh your ass off! Sorry dudes, but life's too short for weeping!"

I kinda felt the same way when I saw the picture montage above this afternoon. Trust me, I also chose to LMAO! Big time! No way I'd shed any tears for this shit!

Here's the thing, folks. Focus is a smart ass German tabloid, run by some genius editor-in-chief, who, looking to sell some extra populist copies to his miserable German audience, came up recently with a cover page shown on the left side of the shot. Large type sez: "Impostor in the European family..." smaller type continues: "...brings Greece to us (begging) for our money - and what about Spain, Portugal and Italy?"... in other words, those cheap f@cks (the Greek cabinet, that is) count on our honest German money to save their ass. And, fit to purpose, Milo's Venus has miraculously stem-cell grown a marble right arm (oh, the miracles of Photoshop) with her middle finger pointing up-yours! Say what? Sounds like "Anti-Christ"! And I thought Germans genuinely respected us, the modern Greeks, the sons of our forefathers, the Golden Age Classics... why should they else fill their cities, a century ago, with those ugly (neo)classic monsters to praise the grandeur of their blue-eyed blond Aryan superiority? Pity. No respect whatsoever for the poor Plato's and Aristoteles' offsprings. Our glorious ancients with our Olympus Gods must definitely turn around in their graves...

I gather the Krauts have got something against minorities... seventy years ago their grandpas and dads were after the Jews, Commies and the Gypsies, nowadays the Turks, followed by us Greeks... not far behind those poor sods from Portugal and then the Spaniards... with spaghetti Italians next... hey, hold on a sec! This ain't any minorities no more... holy Jesus, they are again up against the entire freakin' Europe... thinking that we are all after their honest sweat-earned dough (well... kinda honest sort of thing - ask those bedrüger at the top of their 'Aryan' Siemens, who not long ago were throwing Euro-Billions around for 'kickbacks'... talking about German integrity, my ass!)... I wonder, how long will they need to start taking the piss against the French and the Brits as well, again! Deutschland über alles, right? When did we hear that again?

Responding to this Focus farse, the Greek "bedrüger" answer was promptly printed on a local magazine with clever Greek humor (ROFL) for the Focus geniuses to enjoy, shown in the shot above on the right. A fifteen incher (no viagra needed) satyre telling the Krauts: "Mentioned our dues? Take this instead (suckers), after you paid our damages first from the last war..."

Seriously now, like I recently claimed in another blog, it ain't just the Greeks alone who are to blame in this clustefuck. It all started with the riches of Europe in the nineties who became obsessive about bringing-in the Euro, and then forced the small and the needy (those with no financial force to even wipe their own ass) into a permissible 3% GDP deficit percentage that was entirely from another world! And when the small and the needy said they were 'ready', the Godfathers replied: "come along kids". No questions asked. When the shit hit the fan next, like the meltdown we saw in 2008, the small and the needy imploded. The big shot Central European guns (you know, the usual suspects) who manage our destinies since the times this (ad)venture linked them with the three Benelux (Mickey Mouse) countries in the fifties, supported by their Euro-trash ECB apparatchiks who keep blowing the horns of rage out of Frankfurt, have now come out to take the shit on the small and the needy again, with the insanely naif Greeks leading the parade, waving the flags of financial shame, for deceiving them riches and emptying their wallets.

C'm on folks... didn't those Eurostat morons know the number cooking has been taking place for whole nine freakin' years? Anybody with a gram of gray matter in his skull knew that was going on for years now... remember, those financial engineering tricks used in Greece were first tested in the riches backyards first, starting from the likes of Wall Street and the City. Greeks are far too simple minds... they're pretty smart in thieving breadcrumbs off the riches tables but no loafs, trust me. I'd buy that, no questions asked! That's all they know how to do. They ain't that smart though for big ass financial engineering shit. They ain't no Goldman Sachs, or JP Morgan, or Lehman Bros, in their dreams. Greeks are kindergarden compared... Oh, yeah, and they are monumentally cretin too. Everybody else has played same dirty tricks and kept quiet, but them stupid Greeks are moronic to such a degree that they even started to boast about it, after they pushed their deficit off the charts. Playing more Catholic than the bleedin' Pope, kinda thing! And so, those Focus Krauts now think and keep moaning that it's just darn Greece who did wrong and begging for their coins, right? If you can believe that, then you better start faking an orgasm while jerking off... it's a more fun way to experience self-deception.

Don't know why, but I feel kinda like iron tits Maggie Th. today. I like Germany so much that I'd have liked to keep having two of them, after all...

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