Friday, February 5, 2010

Would I buy an iPad, you might wonder...

You betsa! Question is, not whether I'd buy an iPad... question is, how many I'd buy, and which models precisely! Well, in all seriousness, I'd definitely ignore the 3G model for the time being... 2 reasons, maybe 3. One, we gotta wait until the cows come home for the 3G models over here, in Europe. Second, 3G data transmission is too bleeding slow and insanely expensive per miserable megabyte. Blame protocols and operators, not Apple! I'm used to download at 25 Mbits/sec on my cable connection, some 100 GBs a month, so 3G looks like a darn 80ies modem in comparison. And third, 3G data is only good when you're driving in traffic jams, far from hotspots and WiMAX, with plenty of time to do some interneting. But then, I'd rather be using the iPhone instead. I got no time or space to handle an iPad on a driver's seat... too clumsy. I usually click-mount my iPhone on a Tom Tom holder sucked on the windscreen and check on the spot whatever I need. Apple's iPhone software architecture is way too cool for these uses. It'd get rather risky for traffic otherwise. For the rest, I'm doing most of my 'serious' internet-ing inside wifi footprints anyways. Aren't you?

Next, you might be still curious to ask, why the heck would I go buy an iPad at all. Why not a Google tablet (if it ever comes to be) or the Kindle! Are you kiddin' me? No way. I got iPhones (yes, plural) and iPods (more than a dozen) and Macbooks and iMacs and Mac minis, Apple TV, Time Capsules, Airports, the works... You got it. I'm an Apple addict. And proud of it. Sure do! Why? Because I can! I buy everything Apple brings to the market. Only their servers I haven't ever tried (yet). I even owned Power towers early on but ever since their iMacs came to being, I like them better, especially the 27 inch gozilla!! I even got an Intel quad on my latest buy. I must be on my fourth iMac, I reckon. My entire family must have made Apple rich with all the stuff we've been buying from them the last 10 years or so!

Thus, being an Apple aficionado is the first reason why I'd buy an iPad. Second, its way too cool to let it be. I gotta admit, the iPhone is gorgeous and some apps are just plain orgasmic, but for an aging dude like myself, screen type's getting painfully small and unreadable. Buy some spectacles? Maybe, but I prefer the larger iPad TFT instead. BTW, a pair of spectacles costs as much as an iPad in our neighborhood. What would you buy if you had a choice? Right, you're welcome!

Ever since I owned an iPhone, it kinda became the first thing I 'touch' when I wake up in the morning. Serious. Ask the spouse! No kiddin'!! I gotta check the latest news, weather for the day, overnight email, forex, any WSJ hot stories, stuff like this. By the time I get down to breakfast I've seen most of the news I need to see. Who needs newspapers? Save some trees folks... Ban paper for good! Save the planet! iPhone is OK if you ain't got nothing else; don't even think suggesting any freakin' netbooks! I hate those creeps! Like Steve sez, they are good for nothing! But... imagine you wake up with an iPad in your hands! Sheer pleasure! You can almost stay in bed for the rest of the morning!

Finally, 16, 32 or 64GB of solid state storage? What a question, folks! Have you been living under a rock the last 20 years? Guess three times... You're gonna get it right, eventually!

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