Sunday, March 21, 2010

Lijn 3

I thought this was the most dramatic picture of the entire show.
Seeing it at close range almost makes you weep like a woman.
Spring Sundays are made for promenades and for visiting expos. With early spring 'sights and sounds' popping out slowly here and there, despite this morning's windy rain, and with day temperatures carefully getting north of 10 C° (at last), what else to do on a Sunday afternoon than visiting  a good photography show? So we did exactly that, 'mia esposa' and I, loaded like a camel with a 7D and only two zoom lenses, with focals all the way from 10mm to 125mm. And had my 3GS too with me, especially fit for inside shoots, where anything else would be far too conspicuous and easily attract security guards' attention and barking.

The expo's called Lijn 3, at the Caermersklooster in Patershol. Took its name from a busroute that runs thru Ghent's inner city slums, where poverty and misery are the common thread. Life like no one wants to live. Half a dozen Belgian photo-reporters followed the route's inhabitants, those poor sods struggling to survive under inhumane conditions day-in day-out, natives of 120 different nationalities, who left their miserable homelands and sought their 'fortunes' inside the Belgian Welfare State. The photographic project took place during a whole year with the photographers shooting thousands of pictures. This expo was eventually the result of this massive shoot. Despite heavy Photoshop dynamic range corrections, resulting into conspicuous digital borderlines far too explicit to be ignored, I especially liked the fact that those reporters shot their pictures like one and the same person. In terms of content, composition and color, that is to say... You had no idea that this was the result of the work of so many... Really!

Have a look here, of my shots I took inside the expo space... the rest come from our wondering around old Ghent, where we had sandwiches, coffee and pie (sort of).

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