Sunday, March 28, 2010

Shooting graphical shoots of works of visual arts

One of my favorite pastimes is to shoot graphical pictures when I come across subjects that allow this to happen. Especially objects of art exposed in musea offer lots of possibilities for such an endeavor. Look at the shot posted here. I took this earlier today in Maastricht, at the Bonnefanten museum. The building itself, designed by Aldo Rossi, a famous architect of the previous century, is one with a stunning structure. On a certain moment, I was standing at the "second" floor and, using a 10-20 mm super wide angle, I shot the picture shown here. The strange object in the center of the round wooden floor, with natural light falling upon it from the door opening on the left, is the actual artwork built on a granite (or marble) block, carved into a central cylinder with a separate composite part attached to it, like "wings of angels".

Take a look at the remaining shots I took in the museum and in the old city of Maastricht, some of them turning out quite graphical indeed. I hope you like them. Here's a series of 3 pictures (click for larger view) at the entrance to the expo space with the guard resting and getting bored. He won't even see the visitors passing by...

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