Friday, April 2, 2010

Adam Curry calls Ballmer a dick and a douchebag!

I had the time of my life earlier today when I watched the latest episode of John C. Dvorak's Cranky Geeks. One of John's guests was his own boss, podfather Adam Curry, ex MTV video jockey and a Dutch celeb in the eighties (I thought he was active on Radio Veronica in the 70ies as well). Anyhow, nowadays Adam does everything high tech, from podcasting, managing media companies, and programming in X-code and Obj C! How someone could turn from disk jockey into a developer and a media pundit, well that's a mystery. I reckon he's made some pretty good dough as well from all these gigs of his! VCs seem to luv him. A great showman. Dutch American wonder boy! Cool!

In any case, AC seems to be a smart cookie somehow and the stuff he talks about, with the usual buzz and tech lingo, very much like the hard core IT boyz are using on cyberspace, are not too bad. In this particular show, he's been explaining why most Silicon Valley reporters are plain dickheads based on what they reported so far about the iPad and what was missing (like cameras and standard USB ports and more shit like that). He said something quite right, I think. He said that these pundits were all missing the point. Both, the iPhone and the iPad, get rid of the file and folder metaphors and are extremely simple to use with finger touching. Especially iPad's new size factor with much larger real estate makes the difference, being just right for the common man to do a few useful things, without worrying where the heck those synced files end up and get stored into. Right on the money, Adam! I said that too, mind you, a few blogs ago! Adam also mentioned that developing apps for the iPhone and the iPad is pretty straightforward because of the richness of the iPhone SDK and the disciplined approach imposed by his Jobness upon developers. Dvorak confirmed that statement too by observing that this was the obvious reason why so many iPhone apps were built and made available in such a short time. Right on the money too, John!

Eventually Dvorak asked Curry why he thought Microsoft didn't follow suit and do something similar? They were the world's best copycats at one time, weren't they? What's going wrong now? It was then when good ol' Adam went like, "because Ballmer is a dick!". Which statement I too happen to agree with wholeheartedly! And a little later Adam called Monkey-boy a douchebag! For similar reasons as the first time. Way to go Adam! I'll start to like you after all...

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