Thursday, April 1, 2010

iFixit iPad teardown? A cheap April Fool's day shot!

The ...iPad per iFixit!
iFixit is known for tearing down all of Apple's stuff and they're doing a good job in dissecting the hardware in order to help and guide users who'd like to do the same. This way, I once broke up a dead iPod, got an undamaged piece out of it, transplanted it into another broken iPod and actually fixed the latter, true story.

Have you an idea what the f@ckers pulled out today? See here! Yep, Ars Technica, a pretty serious blog, shows off this news alert about the iPad: iFixit has a teardown of an Apple Tablet. The battery was removed a lot easier than they expected!

Millions of curious geeks (me too then) rushed into iFixit to see the darling undressed and under the hood... and what have you thought we got? An April Fool's day cheap shot! I almost had a stroke when I saw that. They dissected it allright! Not the iPad though... but the MessagePad 2000 from the times... sugar-water Sculley was in charge! Fokkin' morons! And if you read carefully, they haven't said they dissected the iPad... just the Apple Tablet! Are you shittin' me?

Now then, between you and I, I don't know who pulled the joke. Is it Ars? Is it Fixit? The Fixit article seems legit, for crying out loud. Maybe it was Ars after all. A credit to their name! A-Holes...


UPDATE: Finally, a legit teardown of the iPad shown here, courtesy of FCC. Sweet! I'm pretty sure, now that some of iPad's semiconductor guts are out there in the clear, some part suppliers' stock prices will be on the climb next week when the market is open again, and after having seen the early sales stats over the Easter weekend.

And in case you wondered what this thing on the right is, well, this seems to be (iFixit sez) the communications board from the iPad 3G.

  1. Infineon PMB 8878 X-Gold baseband IC.
  2. Skyworks SKY77340 Power Amplifier Module
  3. Three Triquint power amplifier / filters.
  4. Infineon U6952
  5. Numonyx 36MY1EE

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