Monday, April 5, 2010


True story! I haven't actually rushed to pre-order the little magic as I felt they'd ship it to Europe right after the US. Unfortunately, I happen to live in one of those tiny miserable countries in the Continent that, although it's right in the "eye of the storm" in Central Europe, most US companies seem to be looking at it all the time and never seeing it. So, little Belgium fell out of the Apple radar screen again in their future plans to ship iPads to Europe end of the month (or maybe early May). Only the large Eurozone countries and tiny but megarich Switzerland were selected in the first batch.

That was enough to piss me off by all means. Therefore, I burried my pride and went to ask for help from a couple of my best pals in the US (who happened to be ex-colleagues not long ago). One of them, Tommy, the best boss I ever had in a lifetime, actually managed to put his fingers on one of those marvels just minutes ago, and gave me a call to tell me I was the proud owner of an iPad! I pinched me real bad to make sure I wasn't dreaming! The best news I had in ages. THIS REALLY MADE MY DAY! WOW and WOW again! Tommy, you are the GREATEST!

I guess I'll be sleeping short hours the next few days waiting for the morning after, when the courier will bring me the love of my life! Stick around folks and you'll hear lots about my upcoming experiences with my new iPad. Promises to be better than sex...

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