Saturday, April 3, 2010

Tour of Flanders 2010

Tour of Flanders tomorrow Easter Sunday and traditionally the day before, that's today, thousands of amateur bikers are touring along the same or similar 'parcours' (roadmap) like the elite monstres sacrés will do tomorrow.

Weather's wet as usual (actually cold and rainy... suckz indeed) but those amateurs are driven by the flame of the glorious feeling that they'll make it thru the 2010 tour roadmap their way. BTW, the worldwide celeb and Tour de France multiple winner and American hero Lance Armstrong will be biking along too, tomorrow. But for him, its just another training day to prepare for the upcoming hardcore Tour de France in July, later this year. I guess... but who am I? I know about pro bikers as much as my average blog reader knows Mandarin Chinese. That's not much...

Of course, I'll be standing by with my 'assistants' to shoot the event with our best gear tomorrow. My youngest sibling will follow the start of the Tour in Brugge, whereas I'll be waiting a little after midday at the "Museum of the Tour of Flanders" downtown Oudenaarde, and a friend and regular visitor of this blog, Bavo, who's also an expert in building bikes of all sorts, will be shooting from the VIP lounge in one of the tour's 'walls' somewhere in the Flemish Ardennes. It promises to be a good shoot, trust me. Will be publishing the results on Flickr as soon as they become available.

In the meantime, awaiting tomorrow's event, enjoy the photobook I Blurbed last year right after the 2009 Tour (both for amateurs and the Pro's) and the short Flickr slideshow that I just shot a few hours ago, of those miserable amateurs biking in the wet.

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