Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What makes a leader a Leader!

KLM CEO Peter Hartman. The man's got cojones .
Thousands of business schools worldwide will spend millions of lecturing hours annually 'teaching' their students about leadership. If I had a penny for every time the word is being used in a day I'd be a billionaire by now. We love to talk about leadership in business all the time, but more than 99 percent of those using the word as part of their daily vocabulary wouldn't see leadership if it hit them in the face. Am I right, or am I right?

However, there are very rarely a few of those improbable moments when scarce business people do show leadership. With a capital "L"! Just like this! They do indeed! And become an example and a role model to the rest of us. We witnessed such a case a few days ago. With Peter Hartman. CEO of KLM, a subsidiary of big mouth Air France!

The news went like this:

KLM, a subsidiary of Air France, began test flights Saturday with a Boeing 737 flying up to 41,000 feet (13,000 metres), the maximum altitude at which the aircraft is certified to fly. "We observed no irregularities either during the flight or during the initial inspection on the ground," said chief executive Peter Hartman, who was aboard Saturday's flight. (I bolded the words here).

Did you hear that, folks? The bleedin' CEO went into the aircraft and took a test flight two days in full blown Ashmageddon time, where most of the remaining so-called European 'leaders' of ours were covering their a-- in the name of 'security'. This man Hartman has cojones like melons, bro! Look at his picture here and admire a man for all seasons! With the guts it takes to change the establishment!

I've been sick and tired listening to those show-offs, the Politicians, come to TV to BS about security in the first place and more of that cover-a## BS! And when, KLM, the Dutch again, not the frogs... you listen?... neither Angela's Krauts, let alone those 'courageous' Brits, resumed flying again in the last 24 hours, the rest of the European cowardish politicians flock followed their lead. "Heard the news, folks? The Dutch didn't crash yet, so let's go do the same before voters come after our a--...". Pathetic! Not to talk about the Brussels based Eurocrats themselves, and the leadership they've 'shown'. ROFLMAO.

I'd say, vote Peter Hartman for President of Europe. What the heck were they thinking getting politicians in positions of leadership? Takes the likes of Hartman and His Jobness to change the world! Capice?


Didier Navez said...

Hey Vassily, I share your view! Problem with politicians is also about the process in which they put themselves to make decisions. Typically they will organize meetings with a bunch of so-called “experts”. Around the table, one expert will talk about the engine (and only about this) “well… in order to confirm that everything will go fine, we need this data and this data, and ..., blah, blah, blah … and we can’t be sure 100%, etc. etc.”, then it’s the turn of the weather expert (who btw doesn’t know anything about engines) who will talk about the probability for the cloud to go east, west, up, down (or stop at our border ;) and so on, each of the other experts will give their view. When it comes the turn of the government representative, who does not understand anything on any of the above topics anyway, what he will do? Guess what? “Let’s take a zero risk profile”.

Now the example you give about leadership has its limits also. We can hear more and more people saying that if the Polish presidential airplane crashed it might be because the President himself would have “ordered” the Captain to land while normally applied security rules would have made him change its route. In a previous travel with Polish President on board a similar situation happened where he had reacted violently in front of the Captain who was not willing to land because of very bad weather: “To be a Captain, you need to have courage, otherwise you should not be a Captain … you’ll hear from me when we will back home …” The captain (even if he was decorated later … a smart way to stop any scandal?) suffered from a nervous breakdown shortly after this incident… Is this still Leadership?

VJK said...

I love your reaction... As far as the Polish guy... I think he's been more of a moron and a bully in his life than a real leader... Remember his opposition to the rest of Europe and his statements about the third Reich impact on the Polish virtual majority in the EU? Anyways, the KLM CEO surely knows more about flying and the flying business that the Polish bully would ever be able to learn (if he was still alive). Actually Hartman combines in one person the scientist, the meterologist and the politician and leverages on all three of them... like I said, he sort of behaved like His Jobness... A real leader. who needs zero risk politicians? If we wouldn't take risks we'd still have to sail over the ocean to reach the States, even today...