Saturday, April 10, 2010

Words are not enough...

48 hours with an iPad in my hands and it's already become worse than addiction. My 'poor' iPhone is out there playing sad music on its iPod app. That's the only use I found for it right now...Apart from occasional calls. My Macbook got the first real rest in its long life staying inactive for more than 30 hours, first time ever since Fedex brought it here three years ago. If it was a person it would actually enjoy a (very) long, well deserved, and earned vacation.

In the meantime, the iPad experience is beyond my wildest expectations. A wet dream! It's like rediscovering media, the net, social networks, blogging, the works. Like Mossberg said, a real media consumption animal. The screen quality is impossible to describe. You just want to kiss it. Ancient Greeks would have put it on an altar and worship it!

As an example, I copied Steve's portrait from the latest issue of the TIME magazine iPad app and reworked it with ArtistsTouch for the iPad to make it look like an oil painting. All in less than 5 min... Like Steve said the other day... Have you ever seen anything like this before, folks? Even close?

This post is by no means an iPad review... I'll have to do some more testing for that. In the meantime, the battery index is on 40% with only one full charge 24 hrs ago, having used its initial charge that it was shipped with. I guess, for my regular use, one full charge every second day is more than enough. I need at least 3 full charges a day for my MBPro. It's actually power plugged most of the time. On the iPad, I disabled mail push and notifications though. And when it rests, it rests... it's on OFF altogether. Reboot only takes a few secs (12 - 15 sec, I reckon), so why bother?

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