Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fans scramble for Apple's iPhone upgrade

I'm getting old. I almost forgot it was June 24th today. The day of the launch! Until my eyes fell upon this... Fun, innit?

BTW, Apple was today 25 Billion green bucks more capitalized than Microsoft. Will Jobs eventually get richer than His Gateship? I doubt it. Bill is after the Peace Nobel prize these days and wouldn't care less. He's also the first person that reached a paper money wealth status of more than 100B, once upon a time... so long ago that I don't even remember when. MSFT was more than half a trillion worth in market cap then, along with the likes of GE, CSCO and even INTC of all people. Where are all these guys these days? I doubt they reach half a trillion all of them put together, unless you add AAPL to the sum.

Like the Greek national anthem lyrics go: περασμένα μεγαλεία και διηγώντας τα να κλαίς...(Glories for ever lost and you weep when you talk about them...)

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