Sunday, July 18, 2010


Not many companies get the coverage Apple Inc. 'enjoys' these days... other than BP about the oil spill. I wouldn't know of any company other than Apple, typically not too keen to talk to the press as a matter of policy, that anything happening inside or outside their ecosystems, or about to happen, or because someone thought it might happen, or should have happened, creates this amount of media commotion all the way around the globe and back!

Take this antenna issue, for instance. The hundreds of thousands of miserable reporters and bloggers out there, struggling to make a buck and get thru the day, found all of a sudden a new stick to beat Apple's bum and waive their hate flags. Calls are being dropped they say, signal strength icon bars move up and down depending how you hold the darn thing! So what? How many users do really have this problem? How many returned their phones and went back to their Nokia, Motorola, HTC or Berry instead? 20%? 50%? 70%? The way these articles get written, you'd say more than two for every three buyers. Turns out to be less than one in 200. Cool. These are the facts. Apple haters scream and shout! Taking the shit on Jobs. Calling him a liar!

Know what? You morons of the Press, the official journalists who took Journalism classes and 'learned' how to write properly... Why bother even writing about the matter? In order to tell us the 'truth', us being the ignorant Public? Whose truth is that? Yours?  What's your credibility level and why should I better believe your shit than Apple's? What's your problem? Do you own one of these iPhones 4.0 and feel cheated? Bring it back. Get full refund! Buy a plastic 20 bucks worth Nokia and vanish to obscurity! Go write something about the sea-life that will perish in the Gulf spill. You kinda feel smart and horny (and hope to get laid) by writing your ugly filth about the most wonderful company this planet ever seen and the most masterful CEO any company ever had or will ever have, right? Feel envy? Is that your problem? Oh, that's it. You can't afford that others out there are far more competent, hard working and far more successful than you'll ever be. Can't take it that Apple goes on to break Guinness Book records in Business every other day, right? Well, get used to it. It ain't changin' any time soon. Even if it becomes illegal to buy Apple products, available stocks would still be dry. Ever heard that the number one item starving Palestinians are smuggling back to Gaza via their Egyptian border underground tunnels? The iPod, my dearest! Neither food nor guns. Just iPods. I rest my case...

As for those of you, who get easily convinced by such tabloid rumors, and go to spread them to your close friends and relatives to 'awake' them too, well, don't bother. Don't even waste your breath or a single minute of your precious lives to read such Apple hate articles. Lead your lives in happiness and don't even think there's a tech company in California called Apple. Think of Apple as The Beatles' label company. That's it. Because, quite likely, not a single of Apple's geeky products is meant for you either. Each one of these items is made for a special sort of sophisticated and elegant folks with a soft spot in their heart for style and beauty. You've probably got none of that, so stay away from anything coming from His Jobness Holy Temples, because you're wasting His available inventories, and there are scores of us who are prepared to offer our right arm for the privilege to buy these things. Capice?

Update: Many haters claim that Jobs denied there was an antenna problem. That is not what he said. He said they didn't know yet... they had to work out the 'physics' and that many other phones, among which some quite popular from HTC, RIM and Nokia, have exactly the same problem, a fact that the companies' concerned CEO's categorically denied. What would you expect?

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