Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Facetime... on your face!

If this is possible, then, what next? Faster framerates, for sure. This guy uses internet satellite transmission and talks in Facetime with another dude on shore, under the convenience of a WLAN. The former sails with his boat somewhere between Honolulu and the US West Coast in the most isolated area of the Pacific. 1500 miles on any direction and no shore to reach. Plain Waterworld water! And facetime works! Pretty cool! What am I sayin'? Freezing cool! The coolest!

I tried VC once, with a friend, sitting opposite me at a Brussels restaurant, each of us using a Nokia 3G enabled phone. Other than the screen being a pathetic 50 x 50 pixels (or less, who remembers now?) the quality was so far below par, by any conceivable standard. Pure VC fail! Compared, the Facetime YT clip embedded here is plain and simple Starwars material! I can't wait to get some friends with Facetime iPhones/iPods to VC with (or, is it FT?!).

I know, some say you can already do better with Skype and, or iChat, but imagine you'd have to boot up your Windows or Mac box first, then launch Skype, also inform the other party to do the same, if that is practically possible, of course... you get the picture. I know some people owning specialized Skype phones to eliminate the need of a PC for that, but the monitor screens that I saw them using were as pathetic as Nokia's, in the example given above.

Rumors have it that Apple is working on porting FT to all its devices and computers, offering a viable alternative (and far sexier, of course) to Skype. They'd be enhancing iChat for this, insiders say... Early next year we might see some of that. Thinking that this telecom strategy is gonna cost you nada zip after all, provided you are located inside a wifi umbrella (or footprint, whatever...), then I don't see why use anything else. Unless you're as old and ugly as I am (or worse) and it's early in the morning, and you're half-asleep with your teeth in a glass water on your night table, when the phone rings... and you look like... shit!?!


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