Saturday, February 5, 2011

Deleting a Facebook account... next to Mission Impossible

Facebook is one of these services that when you decide to get out of it, they still piss around with your information for ever, even if you terminate your account and want them to wipe out your data for good. It appears you have to navigate to this page to be able to wipe out everything, and even then, they'll take their time, i.e. fourteen days (jee, that's pretty blistering fast these days) before everything's out for good. In these fourteen days you need to stay off Facebook like the pest. Watch out that other services of yours that you use on computers or mobile devices (for instance Flipboard on iPad) don't log you in without you realizing. Because if you log in and use your service, then Facebook in the background pretends you don't wanna get out and the 14 days never come. How sneaky is this?  If you don't follow this page as I mentioned earlier, and do what most people follow (not easy to find for casual users), then your membership remains for ever. Being so hard to terminate helps baby-face Zuckerberg and his Facebook Gold Mountain accumulate millions of naif user accounts to show to the world that they got hundreds of millions of members. Duh? Despite my liking of the movie and script writer's Sorkin phenomenal work I still claim that Zucker and his siblings are plain evil. Who based their success on hundreds of millions double digit IQ below average casual Net users.

Read this blog for more details on termination.

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Anonymous said...

I agree!It's ridiculous!! I need to delete my daughter's FB NOW...not 14 days from now!!It's so aggravating!