Friday, July 8, 2011

A great lesson for Greek Media (MME) reps...

I was watching this morning's latest video's on CNBC. As the jobs report came out ugly, I wondered how badly that would affect the market at the open.  I surfed to the CNBC homepage, and fell onto this footage embedded above, showing the Mississippi Governor respond to reporters' queries, led by my CNBC longtime fave, Joe Kernen.

Jeez, my Greek compatriots, who call themselves reporters, should have a look at this. A pompous Governor Haley Barbour (R-MI) goes into his usual GOP ritual of blaming the President for all things loss of wealth to entrepreneurs and mid-classers, destroying the economy with trillion dollar wide deficits, a failed stimulus program, and shedloads more demagogy like this. BTW, the June jobs report came out ugly, as I mentioned, but the key contributors were the Local and State Government, who continue to cut jobs due to budget tightening reasons. At a given point, when the Governor's BS hit the fan, participating reporters started asking some very interesting questions. They were very civil indeed in their manners, but gradually shredded the fatso governor into pieces and threw them to the dogs! One of the reporter panel members suddenly declares: "I would have said that in the face of a Democratic Politician as well," he said, "Never believe a Politician talking about the Economy, because everything he says is self serving". Wow! That took a pair of blown-up cahones to say that in the face of an interviewed Ranking Government Official, but this is US, the land of the Free. Being a visible Politician doesn't immunize you from being a dick, and having to hear reporters tell you that in your face. Strip naked emperors in the US are told so. Not like those pretentious prats representing the Media in our European continent in general, and in my home-country in particular. If Panos Kammenos was in the US, that would be the last we heard of him, after that panel finished him in the interview, like they did to Governor Barbour. Kammenos would end up burnt out, vanished... gone!

Heard that Mr. Hatzinikolaou???