Friday, October 7, 2011

Reuters reporting suckz !

It's not the first time I felt Reuters reporters create articles and TV reports that are immensely biased. You'd expect that Reuters, being one of the most heavy-duty news agencies on the planet, would pay some more attention to their output and will present facts in unbiased ways, reflecting objective truths and not opinions of their staff, which are basically the last thing I'd ever want to hear. Reporters and industry analysts are in general close to being the scum of the earth in every corner of the world you look at, and they usually try to make a name for themselves by systematically offering their usually uninformed opinions to create panic among ignorant crowds, and sell some extra copies of their stories.

The latest charade that Reuters started already last Wednesday, at the news of the passing of Steve Jobs, is about how difficult it will be for Apple to survive, how they will screw up eventually, and how their competitors Google and Samsung will come after them. I mean, the thing that pisses me off is that these half brained idiots (incl. editors-in-chief too) use Reuters' platform to spread their moronic arguments to that extent. Has anyone ever told them that Samsung (or any like them for that matter) ever did anything else than waiting for Apple to show off their next innovation, and then go after them and cowardly just COPY them? Yes sir! Copying is all they can do. That includes Google too, BTW! How stupid are some reporters to pretend to ignore that fact?!?!

I recently saw one of Reuters' TV clips with Rob Enderle (a self-proclaimed industry analyst and Technology consultant) predicting the demise of Apple not long from now. It would start with lackluster innovations (oh, yeah, ever since last Tuesday 'lackluster' became the favorite term of Apple haters to blame the 4S), lesser quality products (implying bad execution), and will be followed by competitors catching up. Incidentally, I happen to have often watched Enderle in Cranky Geeks with John C Dvorak. How pathetically unsuccessful can Enderle be as a technology consultant to be part of Dvorak's cast, only God knows. Anyways...  It's so pathetic to watch these guys showing off their egos -- that gig is currently owned by Adam Curry of all people, an MTV disk jockey and self-proclaimed the podcast spiritual father --.  the Cranky Geeks cast members are so freakin' opinionated that I wonder how I continued watching them for so long (I guess, I only like Dvorak); probably because I was too lazy to do anything else instead.

I don't claim to be any visionary or an experienced industry analyst myself, or even a mediocre technology consultant, but I betsa, I know enough of ICT myself, and have practiced years-long management of technology companies to know Enderle is a classic case of "if you can't do it, teach it; and if you can't do that either, then become a consultant". I couldn't believe my ears hearing the arguments he used to bury Apple six feet under, together with Jobs. Of course, only time will show who's right. Like time showed in the current sales figures of 100M Apple iPhones a year, when that other comedian Steve Ballmer, Microsoft's CEO, commented laughing after the iPhone launch a few years ago, "who will ever go buy a phone that costs north of 500 bucks?". Well I got news for you, dickhead! More than hundred million and counting! How about your own Windows mobile babies that you fathered with geriatric Nokia?

You don't have to read anything at all to know that the iPhone (just to mention one of Apple's wonders) will eventually be the number one mobile phone (it's already the number one smartphone). Anywhere you go in this continent, a bar, a metro, a restaurant, an airplane, a bus, you can't but notice that you are surrounded by iPhone owners. WTF is a Reuters opinion worth then? You got it. Right on the money. It's worth shit!

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