Saturday, November 5, 2011

Wenn die Sonne der Kultur tief steht, werfen selbst Zwerge lange Schatten

An emotional Papandreou at the conclusion of the
winning confidence vote
When the sun of culture is low, even dwarves will cast long shadows (German aphorism attributed to Karl Kraus). I was thinking of this the entire week after George Papandreou took the world by surprise by his infamous referendum proposal. Initial reactions of many has indeed been too harsh to be described in any politically correct blog, potentially attended by nuns and minors. 
WTF was he thinking? Why did he do something like that! Sarko and Frau Merkel almost had a stroke. Obama pulled loudly a large number of 'WTF's out of his larynx. Luxembourger His Master's Voice JC Juncker barked like a chinchilla to frighten the Greeks once again. Poor sod Baroso and geriatric looking Van Rompuy rushed to add some compromising and much too useless statements too. 
'Professional' politicians got really scared, you see. A referendum for ratification of the most recent funding proposals? Are you friggin mad? Ask the Greeks, who already seen so much happening to them the last 24 months, and are now up against the coldest winter in their life whether they'd like to accept the big dog solution? What do people know? You see, in countries of law and order, citizens are generally much too thick! Like seven year olds. They should always be told what to do. And pay taxes for being told and guided. That's the essence of Democracy, my darlings. The ruling class of politicians will decide what's good for the people, right? Referenda are only made for the Swiss and the Golden Age Greeks. Not for 'Democratic regimes' Western Hemisphere style! What are you talking about Mr. Papas? Who told you Democracy is about the people? Didn't you ever hear the aphorism of all Democratic leaders of the world "We are all equal in a Democracy, but most of us with careers in the political ranks are more equal than the rest of you, poor bastards!With his referendum trick Georgie boy called their bluff in one single coup and uncovered the chronic lying of all those with career in politics, domestically and internationally, faster than you can pronounce Pa-pa-ndre-ou. Them raging wolves threw away their sheep furs and divulged their very own cynodont nature! Well done, Yorgo. You are an act of genius, my nigger! Despite the countless execution wrongs you've done during your last few years in government as a PM. I raise my hat to you, you dog...
Eventually the referendum was pulled back by George following his own party peers' outcry, and the opposition's dog's howling about snap 'elections'. Who needs 'elections' anyways? At least in China they mean something much more interesting when we hear them say 'iˈlekSHən'. However, the issue and necessity of a vote of confidence by the National Parliament remained, and by the early morning hours on Saturday November 5th, Papandreou, was able to maintain parliamentary confidence in his government's position, despite minor defections in his own party. In parallel, by virtue of this confidence vote, he also obtained factually the approval of the majority of the people representatives for the funding remedy provided by the European big dogs in Cannes on October 27th. 
All these days leading up to the vote of confidence, we saw countless 'dwarves' parading and showing their real faces with Byzantine type intrigues deploying about the matter, pulling knives on Papandreou's back unheard of in the history of mankind. Interesting truth: An unusually large number of female MPs jumped out of the woodwork to show their heels (not to mention any other body part of theirs, starting with 't', for risk of my being accused as anti-feminist). Apparently Greek women get promptly sacrificed by the genuine bandits inside their political clans, the Mafia Godfathers, because in a macho country like ours it is indeed quite manly and very heroic to 'burn' a woman on the altar, and maintain the play to the benefit of the wicked. I can't help but think of the Lennon lyrics here: Women are the niggers of the world. Greek women certainly are. In any case, the half dozen 'dwarf' women that I am referring to, with names I have only heard in relation to events of questionable ethics in the past (oh, yes, the party political pimps engaged tarts to do their dirty laundry, and then deny they even knew anything about it, not?) have yelled the smelliest bullshit arguments I heard of, totally unrelated to the real issues at hand. These are namely the GDP shrinking, lack of a real plan for boosting the economy, inability to shrink budget deficits, shortcoming of tax income in covering continuously haircut expenditures, and lack of human capital trained to produce economic output that'll start slowly but securely to reverse the tide.
Papandreou was literally massacred by the media and the politicians all over the world, but especially by his fellow peers, own party members and opposition. Everybody who had a mouth had an opinion, and shouted it loud. Most of the outcry came of course from the opposition, with Antonis Samaras of the Conservative party Nea Democratia barking like a mad dog and already behaving like the next PM. A worst exhibit of true incompetence, genuine egocentrism and total indifference with respect to what is best for the country I have never witnessed before in my life (except for Russ Limbaugh and Glen Beck, but at least these two nutcase will never assume governing authority, even in their wildest dreams).
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