Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The saga continues

Apple did it again. It became routine indeed to repeat this every quarter (blow-out quarter like Jobs called them), but with too much awe to leave unnoticed today, too hard to believe. See their just announced numbers right here! What can anyone say? Wish I could watch Monkey boy's face hearing this in Seattle about Apple doing in a quarter 3/4 of what his humongous company does in a year. Just remembered his reaction when Jobs announced the iPhone few years back! He was laughing like an idiot, assuming for sure that his opinion meant anything to anyone! Such a dick-head. I don't know where the Apple stock is gonna climb to in tomorrow's trading, but they sure had a killer quarter. 13.87 bucks earnings per diluted share! They must have almost 100B dollars in cash in the bank as we speak. They could buy bloody Greece for all I care! St-Steven, RIP. You were da man, dude! Screw 'em all Google Android copycats, Samsung, Motorola, and Mickey Mouse Microsoft/Nokia comedians. Apple is here to stay!

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