Friday, February 3, 2012

iPad vs PC

A slide presentation I presented to a few officers and a personal friend HOU at the RTD Directorate General of the Euro Commission back in July 2010, almost two years ago, on behalf of my previous company. Those days, just a few months after the launch of the iPad, I was one of the few in Europe who had put their happy hands on the little marvel (purchased in a Long Island Apple Store the Monday after its first launch ever weekend by my last corporate boss, Tommy B). I had excited the folks at my previous company about the prospects (they didn't have a clue then... they all walk around with an iPad and iPhone these days and forgot all the teasing they did to me for being a true Apple aficionado - what a sweet taste of revenge, especially with the AAPL stock at 456!)... So they 'let' me approach RTD with a proposal about how to look at info in new and more effective ways. I got a whiz kid with me who's got a company these days building iPad apps, and long gone away leaving the dinosaurs behind... after having build the app I am talking about and having learned the tricks of the trade at their cost... Smart kid!

The presentation above was obviously done in Keynote and turned into movie later, with a Wim Mertens song on the background. Needless to say, the RTD folks were thrilled and wanted an iPad too, right away... sort of...

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