Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Roller-coaster Apple stock

Apple stock holders must have gone crazy today. The stock hit an all time record of 526.29  (lucky bastard the seller, and stupid ass the buyer! - for the time being that is...) and then it fell like a rock and never looked back. Actually the run in the highs was far too sudden and unreasonable by all means, and then a little funny rumor about Amazon being told not to sell iPads in China (how stupid can some rumor spreaders can be) brought the stock down 28 bucks and change from its all time high. All in a matter of a few hours. Also, very considerable volumes were traded today. Four to five times its recent average, more than 53 million shares, or about 27B greenbacks in Apple stock alone that changed hands... I was right on my other post about them hitting the 500 bucks a share mark this last Monday, and that rally continued yesterday too. Anyways, all things being considered, we still don't know which 'real' event and expected moves were the cause of all this turbulence (rather a tsunami). I'm still curious about the dividend rumor, if it will ever happen, and what will bring the future. Unfortunately, even in its current performances and share price levels, Apple remains an extremely volatile stock to hold and one should never invest in them for short term expectations. On the long run we, shareholders, shall all be fine... and dead too!

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