Saturday, March 31, 2012


Eurantica, a set on Flickr.

Been with a good friend at Eurantica today. Of course items were quite expensive for the riches of the world but even these became stingy and didn't show up. One of the traders, a German selling exquisite prints of the nineteenth and twentieth century mainly from Japan (Hiroshige, Hokusai, and more like these) told us that he estimated 70 percent less attendance than the previous year. Pity because I found the exhibits a lot more interesting! It was so bad that every visitor, handing in his/her ticket upon entrance, received a new one for a later visit. I'll be damned! mind you, entrance is not free here. Don't know for a fact but it costs way above ten euro to indulge the pleasure of a visit in a sphere of fine art and human craftmanship.

Tere's still time today and tomorrow. The Fair closes its door this Sunday, April 1st. No April Fool's joke involved...

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