Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Today's diary - Day 3

Mid March and haven't had such a winter show-off for hundreds of years in this country. I'm sick and tired of the snow this year. It's pretty cold, but that doesn't bother me much, since I'm staying at home. Traffic jams all-time Belgian record was reached today with 1600 km of traffic jam during rush hour this morning. People took ages to get to work, where under normal conditions it'd  also take ages! The whole of Western Europe was actually screwed up big time, today. Just saw yesterday evening's footage from the Northwest of France. Poor buggers were left without electricity too. This morning train traffic here was in shambles. Passengers have been waiting their connections for hours. Awful. All this in bleeding March! What else? Frankfurt airport, down and closed for three hours. Imagine the chaos. It's good to be a pensioner in days like this. -10° Celsius is the forecast for tonight. Thank God, we'll stay dry though. No more snow. I hope.
I had not much to do to waste my time this morning, so I stayed protected behind my double glazing windows and 'enjoyed' other people's misery, going to work or school by car, on foot or on their bikes. I shot tens of pictures of pedestrians, bikers and car drivers. Link to flickr via the links supplied in the beginning of this paragraph to see for yourselves. Even the worst blizzard won't stop four and five year olds from going to school, in the arms of their dad or granddad, a few even carrying the school bags on a sleigh! The weather in this part of the world is really so bad, winter and summer included, that the last thing that'd stop people from going on with their lives is some snow weather. That reminds me of some other place where half an inch snow would paralyse the entire bleeding country. A good excuse to stay home and eat roasted chestnuts. Increased queues at the doctor's waiting room for a 'day's' flu certificate for the employer too. The TV reports this evening only had one subject. The snow chaos! Ever thought how the world would be like if water was freezing at -20° instead of zero degrees? Would that solve all our problems? Who knows... 


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TB said...

Hi Vassily, welcome to my world. We had 32 inches of snow a coupe of weeks ago. Agree, stay inside and have a glass of wine, or 2.