Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The 'Sagan' touch

Much ado about nothing? The energy spent in the media about the infamous incident at the winners' podium in this year's Tour of Flanders is beyond belief. In short, Peter Sagan, ending second in this year's day-race 'Tour of Flanders' on Easter Sunday, after almost 250 kms of cycling toil, thought no better than pretend to pinch the blonde's 'derriere' smiling at the photographers in front, while she was busy kissing innocently Fabian Cancelara, this year's Swiss winner. Poor Sagan had to apologise to the blonde, and give her flowers later that day. Female models playing such cosmetic roles during trophy ceremonies in the cycling events of this country are euphemistically named 'flowerpots' in Greece, and right they are them Greeks to call them so, as the only aim of the winner's kiss by a blonde is to add... I don't know what really...
        I enjoyed the readers' comments in articles and blogs about the incident following Sagan's touch. Many said he was right to do so. Others got crossed with him and wrote whatever your heart desires. Simply hilarious. Cancelara himself looked quite puzzled with the cheek-kisses by the blonde and the brunette (the latter rushing away with a smile in the shot above, while the blonde seemed to enjoy and continue what she was paid to do), as the poor sod's wife with their child was watching them just a few yards away.
       Just a few moments ago I got the answer I was looking for to my righteous question: Does this thing with winner's kisses by young models happen when the cyclists are themselves female? Do then chippendale boys come up to kiss them winners? No? Why not? Apparently, in the recent US Redlands Bicycle Classic, the number three of the race (Australian born Loren Rowney) decided to pinch a man's butt while he was shaking hands with the race's number one. Way to go, girl! I loved every bit of that picture, which I am glad to copy here for reference...
        On a serious note, someone with authority should stand up and teach those race organisers once and for all a lesson they'd never forget. Like forcing them on a winner's stage with their bare asses, and have the entire female contingent of East Flanders (from 8 to 88 years old) step by and pinch the f*ckers real good. Who ever said that we men want to see ceremonies with 'flowerpots' like that? And, for what is worth, where are all the so called 'feminist' organisations in Belgium, swallowing the tasteless 'ceremonial show-offs' by those male chauvinist dickhead race organisers? What is this? The 60ies? For crying out loud!

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