Friday, June 7, 2013


I knew of them then, I knew of them later, but being anything than a rebel, I have never stood still at their music. Heavy metal wasn't my thing. I rediscovered them years later as my youngest offspring is a big fan of Ozzy, and anything that sounds like metal. I have to say, when young, I wasn't too keen on the sound of electric guitars, until my eldest offspring started buying them like I bought suits. He must have had five or six. Only difference with my suits, he sold them after a while, second hand. Surfing on iTunes new releases I just saw  Sabbath are about to release (tomorrow) a brand new record after more than 30 years. They called it 13 (from 2013?) You can enjoy it free of charge on iTunes and preorder it. Like me...

Allmusic writes: ...The influence of early Sabbath has become so omnipresent that it's come back to influence its very creators 40 years later, but the results are unexpectedly brilliant, apocalyptic, and essential for any die-hard metal fan.

I don't know about that, but it always appears that legend groups have an obligation to defend their past, and thus they mostly create quality music in their genre, and not just heavy noise with drums and electric distortion. I am turning 60 soon, and I am shocked to realise that their sound brings me to an energy level that I only experienced forty years ago. Mind you, these dudes are in their mid sixties too. While pre-listening the album I raised my double 1000 Watt loudspeakers to a volume level that only heavy metal could justify, and the spouse came up my loft running like the whole neighbourhood were on fire. Reluctantly I brought back the levels to 'normal' and kissed my adolescent energy goodbye! Thank God, a good friend, a poet, just sent me some recent work of hers, and I read them with the Sabbath sound in the background  The strophes seemed to take over the Sabbath energy and felt twice as powerful! Reading poetry with Sabbath in the background! Is this the revelation of the day? 

I'm not turning rebel, mind you. Not me. Anything but! However for a wee bit a moment, I felt like I could pick up a fight with anyone crossing my lines. WTF? Life only starts at 60!

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