Tuesday, June 18, 2013


If you're like me and with more than 10K songs in the cloud (iTunes Match) and still bored that you can't find anything cool to listen to, and kinda fed up with Genius, then try this. Go to your iTunes search field and enter any words of your liking. One or two will work best. For instance, I was looking for a particular track with the words 'Don't Know' in its title, and thus, I added "Don't Know" in the search field. This is the list of tracks that query returned (click on the capture above for a larger view). Next thing, I added a new playlist that I called "Don't know" and added all the tracks the search found. I guess each one of us has a different set of tracks showing up in any search we do, even if we use the same words. If you like what any search found, you merely create and keep the new playlist. Otherwise, you simply continue with a new search. The outcome is sometimes pretty surprising. You'll find tracks you never knew you even had... Happens to me all the time. Once one is past a certain age, things are starting to fade, you see. True story!

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