Sunday, October 20, 2013

First Autumn Colours

First Autumn Colours 2013

Three things I deeply cherish almost more than anything. Light, colours, and the games they interplay inside our perceptive brains, almost touching our soul. I make a serious habit of capturing that visual miracle inside my various cameras, be it either professional and expensive or more of the cheap stuff, like point-'n-shoots and iPhones/iPads. Of all light, especially in autumn, and in days that we are blessed with sun-rays escaping the Belgian cloud and causing the warm colours of decaying tree leaves to really pop, I feel so fortunate. Equipped with my Canon gear I usually go for a walk not far from my house, by the river Schelde, only a few hundred yards away, and shoot the beauty surrounding me. I must have photographed the same subjects a thousand times, for 25 years now. Nevertheless, there's always a different glimpse of the nature around me ready to amaze me again, as the trees and green are rarely the same. Everything changes in time, and so do the autumn vistas. There's always new ways to enjoy it and photograph new scenes unseen before, like when I came across a peculiar colony of mushrooms today in a formation that I could only think of just one attribute to call what I saw: Abundance
Yellow, green, magenta, orange, and deep reds, combined with scarce spots of clear blue sky escaping the scattered white/gray clouds have created for me one of the brightest symphonies of autumn colours I could have ever dreamed of. I feel blessed... indeed!

Feel free to experience my enthusiasm by clicking the links above and see the entire set in Flickr, called First Autumn Colours.

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