Friday, November 15, 2013

Autumn Light


In the kingdom of Belgium, where during most of the year a drizzle rain turns our landscapes into a sad, colourless, dull mixture of all shades of grey, the autumn light in a rainless afternoon becomes a pleasant surprise. As the sun plays hide 'n seek with the scattered cloud, the last yellow leaves that are still hanging in there become the subject of an interesting interplay of light and shadow, like one can only recreate in a studio with strobes, filters and strict light control with shaders, reflectors and other purpose made strobe accessories. I like to seek spots in my garden, where nature does the same with unpredictable effects. My lens, especially my 135mm, vacillates from leave to leave seeking the ultimate shadow/light interplay with leaves becoming members of an orchestra that play a different symphony, one without sound but with lights and darks. Nature, in the cusp of autumn and winter becomes in days like today a photographer's paradise, especially if you adore warm colours as much as I do, yellows, reds, rusty orange and vanishing greens.

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