Thursday, October 11, 2007

Ballmer is so cute...

Happened in Orlando, Fl, at the Gartner Inc Symposium ITxpo conference. Monkey boy decided to defend Vista for delivering value to customers. And he got the full charge to his face...

Read the whole article... it's a scream! Here some excerpts from it.

"I'm one of those early adopters of Vista," said Yvonne Genovese, an analyst who was interviewing Ballmer along with fellow analyst David Smith on stage at a conference forum. "My daughter comes in one day and says, 'Hey Mom, my friend has Vista, and it has these neat little things called gadgets -- I need those.'"

Said Ballmer: "I love your daughter."

"You're not going to like her mom in about two minutes," said Genovese, while the crowd laughed.

She went on to explain that she installed Vista for her daughter -- and two days later went right back to using the XP operating system. "It's safe, it works, all the hardware is fine, and everything is great," she said of XP..."

I got to tell you though; I am using Vista for some time on a Bootcamp iMac and it seems to work fine most of the time*. I guess Mac developers did their best in those drivers needed to make a Mac box useable for Vista. In all honesty, I don't get it. Too many seem to complain about Vista! Is this real or just viral anti-MSFT campaigning? Is MSFT turned into a company that everybody loves to hate, like we did with IBM 20 years ago? Who knows. I believe the problem lies in the fact that MSFT wanted to freshen up their windows GUI and make it look more like OSX. Big Mistake! Windows users are born tasteless creatures and wouldn't tell style even if it hit them in the face... Why bother for 7 years doing that? It's called 'incompetence' in my book... What else?

*Not for the heavy stuff though - editing recently a 85 page document with Word 2007 on Vista Ultimate kept crashing on me more often that any geek would have liked; I had to go back to Mac OSX with Office for Mac 2004 to work safe.

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