Friday, October 12, 2007

The M word...

Figure this. You are a high profile company. You got the best marketing brains in the universe. Each killer box you bring out stops every press on the planet and makes the front pages for months before and after launch day. Does this ring a bell? Sounds like Apple?

Fine...You bring out the iPhone. You got your own reasons to link the darn thing to an operator. ATT namely. Not the best choice ever, but that's ok. You tell your audience: 'Listen dudes, that's the way it is', you say, 'I don't hold a knife in your throat for that... if you want the goods you'll have to put up with them, ATT'...'Don't like it? No hassle! Go buy the Nokia N95 or a Berry of some sort, or even those lousy Windows Mobile crackpots'. Fine... it's a free market, everybody can bring out whatever he or she chooses and everyone is buying whatever he/her heart desires.

Right? Wrong!

It seems that in the US, high profile companies cannot just bring out their killer products in a configuration that some morons don't like. Before you know, you get those frigtards up your ass with class action suits. For, soit disant, monopoly practices. Read this report and tell me if the Yanks went bananas this time for good, or what?

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