Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Prost to Joost!

I never believed they'd be able to create anything useful with this project. On the other hand, the Skype kids already had proven their capabilities to cause a serious paradigm shift with their first endeavor and break the mould with millions of Skype online users at any given moment.

I was one of their early Joost beta testers when they used a different name (Project Venice?) but in those days and until recently their code was in shambles. Kept hanging my OS (either Windows or Mac) and their content programming was... well, eh... Television (of some sort) of the kind you wouldn't spend too much time watching it... Picture quality on my broadband connection (2 MB a sec download speed under sufficient put-through on the source side) wasn't too great either.

Anyways, because already so many tried IPTV before and it all managed to look like MI3, and having seen their first Joost versions, I kept watching developments from the sideline, not looking too convinced, really, about the prospects.

Until their last version. Click and download the beta for yourselves. Many things seem to have changed, in the meantime:
  1. It doesn't often hang and seems to react to clicking the buttons just fine (amazing, eh?)
  2. Their programming of content seems a lot better (huge number of choices ranked in many different ways)
  3. Quality of the picture seems at times stunning (very similar to SD TV). The picture in this post comes from a CNBC program on Innovation hosted by Maria B.
So maybe they cracked it... or about to. Interesting stuff. Get ready to invest if they are thinking to go IPO.

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