Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Viva El Jobso!

You've got to see it to believe it. El Jobso did it again. It was Apple's Q4 financial results announcement yesterday, one hour after the close. I tried to connect to their webcast but I couldn't; I guess it was either crowded or for guests only (I reckon the former).

During regular trading AAPL stock picked 2.3 percent (about four bucks) and even gave some bullish direction to the whole of the Nasdaq and the Dow. Markets were somehow recovering from Friday's witches.

El Jobso came to the scene at 2pm Pacific and announced Apple's stellar results... 1.1M iPhones sold in the quarter and 1.4M if you count the weekend of the launch, more than 10M iPods in the quarter, 2.5M Mac computers. Quarterly profit soared to more than 900M USD and sales were up 27% from a year ago. Guidance for the next quarter (holiday season) is above 9B. Pay attention... we are talking about replacement markets here... not brand new space! Each market share percent point won by Apple is a market share percent point lost by someone else, right? Wow! And Wow again! El Jobso, the Holy Man of modern management! Or better said: The Olympic God! The man doesn't live by the established rules! Never did! He just creates them. And he's never had any formal training. Just his mighty brainware.

What did this do to their stock price you ask? We'll have to wait and see this pm (CET) but in after hours trading yesterday evening it got catapulted to a hefty 184 greenbacks, almost 7% (click at the picture above for the situation six hours after the announcements). This put their market cap well above IBM's this time! They kinda overtook HP last week and they will just leave IBM behind today. Redmond cyborgs, you better watch His Jobness.

You know, them Microsofties are thinking of launching a cheap phone (read here). They still live under the illusion that they can overtake any winner product once it has established a solid market. They did it over and over again in the past... they think they could do it again; only problem, in the past it was Magic Bill who was in control. Monkey boy only knows jumping from one tree to another and taking the piss on anyone standing in his way. And they still believe that their stock will pick up momentum... not in a million years, I am selling them for good now, them lousy losers.

El Jobso, the Messiah! I mean, if you ever stood at a CEO chair to run a company you'll know what I mean. Especially in the US. To build a world leader organization from the ashes of a company in shambles in just 10 years, to increase its market cap and beat any financial benchmarks conceivable by factors of hundreds, to make front page news on each product you launch, to get yourself known by 80 year old grannies who couldn't tell a telephone from a nutcracker... to make products that one year olds can operate, what can I say! Wow! Oh Man! Wow!

Viva El Jobso!

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