Thursday, November 8, 2007

An Apple Tablet on the make?

Say what? Well let's look at this carefully...

Technically possible? For sure. With touch screen and finger pinching to zoom in and out like the Touch iPod. Far better than those ugly styluses that most people manage to lose (I can't keep a pen for longer than a few hours... I keep leaving them somewhere like my spectacles and can't bother to go look for them afterwards, only thing, spectacles cost a whole lot, so I always get to find them... pens, I don't give a diddlie squat).

Commercially opportunistic? Jeez, I don't know. May be. Here's the thing. Microsoft tried it, they priced that shit in megabucks (not that they're worth much outside the US nowadays), and made a mess of it. I have the feeling that it's not much of a manly thing, a tablet that is. For broads, ok! They can even pull their left leg slightly up in the air each time they slide their finger(s) down the touch-screen. Looks kinda girlie thing, innit? Again, euhh, I don't know kids; I wouldn't bother having a desktop with some surface computing on the monitor, but you know what? It all gets the glass so finger tipped and oily dirty... I see it from my Touch iPod. There, the screen is rather small to bother my obsession for clean glass surfaces and I always carry a cloth specially woven for this anyways (I got that at my spectacles dealer). But a whole 24 or 30 inch monitor? It will look like a table at KFC after some teenagers had just had a meal with freedom fries.

I am sure el Jobso will come up with something around surface computing now that MSFT seems to make lots of noise about it. But would that be a tablet for gay males and broads? Who knows?

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