Thursday, November 8, 2007

Don't eat where you sh!t...

Microsoft fires senior executive for misconduct.

Mystery grows as the computer software giant sacks its chief information officer citing a 'violation of company policies'

Speculation grew today over the reasons behind Miscrosoft's dismissal of Stuart Scott, its chief information officer (CIO). The company cited only a "violation of company policies".

Mr Scott, who was responsible for Microsoft's technology infrastructure, was fired yesterday after two years in the job, but the company declined to elaborate on the reasons.

A spokesman for the company, reading from a statement, said only: "Stuart Scott’s employment with Microsoft was terminated after an investigation for violation of company policies."

Employees at the world's largest software maker said today that the dismissal was "unprecedented," suggesting that Mr Scott's actions constituted a grave breach of the company's standards of professional conduct.

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PS. What's that problem in the US about sex at the workplace? Remember Bill C? The "I never have had sex with that woman" dude? Et alors? Come to think of it, if a World Bank President loses his job over a shag, why not a trivial character like the Evil Empire's CIO? I wonder whether such policies exist at Oracle, as Larry got the reputation of having banged most of his female VPs over time.

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