Friday, November 23, 2007

Fight the evil!

John Hopkins Hospital circulated a list of known facts about cancer that was translated in a myriad of languages and circulates via email. I was sent the Greek version of this list from a friend that has heard of my condition and I believe this is something worth sharing among healthy and ill. I have traslated back to English to the best of my ability and understanding... I wish I could find the original English version to post here. Here you go:

"Every person has cancerous cells in his body. These cells don't show-up in usual tests as
long as they have not been multiplied into several billions. When a doctor confirms that
there are no cancerous cells in a person's body after a therapy, this means that tracing of
such cells during tests is impossible as their number is not above a traceable amount.

Cancerous cells appear between 6 and 10 times in a person's life.

When a person possesses a strong immune system, cancerous cells get destroyed and
their multiplication (and therefore the formation of tumors) is avoided.

A person suffering from cancer suggests that the person's nutritional state shows
multiple deficiencies. Something like this can be due to genetic, environmental
and nutritional factors as well as a person's lifestyle.

To remedy multiple nutritional deficiencies a person's nutritional habits need to change and
enriched with supplements that will reinforce the person's immune system.

Chemotherapy is a toxic against fast growing cancerous cells, but also against fast
growing healthy cells in the marrow, in the bowel, etc and can cause organic damages to
the lever, kidneys, heart and lungs.

Radiation kills cancerous cells and in parallel it also damages healthy cells, tissue and

Initial chemotherapy and radiation reduces the size of tumors. However, extended use of
chemo-therapy and radiation does not result to further elimination of tumors.

When a body carries a high charge of chemotherapy and radiation, the immune system
may be severely damaged and the person can succumb as result of infections and

Chemo-therapy and radiation may cause the mutation of cancerous cells, so they can
become more resistant and difficult to destroy.

Effective manner of fighting against cancer is the weakening of cancerous cells by not
providing the nutrition that they need to multiply.

Cancerous cells are being fed: Sugar feeds cancer. Reducing sugar from nutrition takes
away a significant source of energy for cancerous cells. Sugar substitutes like Canderel,
NutraSweet, Equal, Spoonful, etc, are derivatives of aspartam, a bad substance. A better
natural substitute is the Manuka honey but only in small quantities. Cooking salt also has
additives that help it acquire the white color. Better alternative are herbs of the type
Bragg's aminos or sea salt.

Milk causes the body to produce mucus especially in the bowel. Cancer is being fed by
mucus. Replacing milk with soya milk without sweetener additives cause cancerous cells
to weaken.

Cancerous cells grow in acid environments. Nutrition based on meat is acid. It's better to
eat fish and some chicken instead of veal or pork meat. Meat also contains antibiotics,
growth hormones, and parasites that are damaging, especially to cancer patients.

Nutrition that consists for 80% by fresh juice and vegetables, full grain, dry nuts and some
fruit helps create an acid environment in the body. 20% can contain cooked meals that
also contain beans. Juices from fresh vegetables provide fresh enzymes that are easily
absorbed and reach living cells within 15 minutes, while feeding and enforce the
development of new cells. For the reception of fresh enzymes and creation of new cells try
to drink juice of fresh vegetables (from most vegetables incl. bean ...) and eat raw
vegetables 2 to 3 times a day. Enzymes are destroyed at temperatures above 40 Celsius
(104 Fahrenheit).

Avoid coffee, tea and chocolate that contain caffeine. Green tea is the best alternative and
has anticancer properties. Water should better be cleaned and filtered, to avoid toxins and
heavy metals that are found in tap water. Distilled water is acid and must be avoided.

Meat proteins are not easily digestive and requires many digestive enzymes. Undigested
meat remains in the bowel, decomposes and results to an accumulation of toxic

The walls of cancerous cells consist of a hard layer of proteins. Avoiding or reducing meat
consumption releases more enzymes that attack protein layers of cancerous cells and are
capable of destroying them.

Certain substitutes reinforce our immune system (IP6, Florssence, Essiac, anti-acids,
vitamins, metallic elements, significant fat acids, etc). Other substitutes like vitamin E are
known that cause withdrawal or programmed cellular death, the natural method of the
body to get rid of destroyed and useless cells.

Cancer is an illness of the mind, the body and the soul. Active and positive mind will help
the cancer fighter to survive. Anger, bitterness and negative feelings place the body in a
stressful and acid environment. Teach yourself to love and forgive. Learn to relax and
enjoy life.

Cancerous cells can not flourish in oxygen rich environments. Daily exercise and deep
breathing help carry more oxygen into the cells. Oxygen therapy is another method that is
used to fight against cancerous cells.

Don't place plastic containers in microwaves.

Do not put water containers in deep freezers

Don't put plastic foils in microwaves."

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