Thursday, November 22, 2007

An (unlocked) iPhone for 1,500 bucks?

You ain't serious, are yeh? Well, that's what our local newspaper printed today for unlocked iPhones, that is. When they get launched in Europe later in 2008, that's the price the ticket will show.

Is it worth it? Hell no! I mean, I love Apple to death but this is too much of an attitude. Rather buy three Zunes, and bore me to death, than one 1,000 euro iPhone. I am pretty pleased with my Nokia N95 that does twice as much, and my Touch iPod does all I need a portable device to do. In a WiFi area I can browse the Internet to my heart's desire. Even my Nokia is able to do all a mobile user needs to do. OK, with less sexy interface, but who cares? I never do extensive mails with such devices anyways, and never been a Berry fan as well.

Will there be enough morons to count down 1,000 euros for the little marvel? I doubt it... although, may be, some will, for the status aspect of it, some will charge it to the company on the back of the shareholders' money, and some will probably sacrifice a romantic weekend with the partner in Paris just to be able to afford the little shite! (I reckon the iPhone is gonna be the killer lobbyist 'under the table gift' to many Government Mandarins - plenty of them in Brussels, local and International - who up till now prefered, from hear-say, top of the line Mont Blanc's, Nokia's and Sony-Ericsson's)

It won't be me though. No sir... I could buy a new MacBook with the same money. And stick to my Nokia instead. Which, BTW, talks fluently to my MacBook nowadays, without a hitch!

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