Saturday, May 24, 2008

Ballmer Hungarian bonanza, take 2.

Forgot to mention, first time I heard about Steve's duck-behind-the-desk Hungarian adventure was while watching the latest edition of Cranky Geeks. Along with Sebastian Rupley and John C. Dvorak were Patrick Norton (a techie reporter previously leading DL.TV) and Danny O'Brien of the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

After showing the infamous clip the four panel members resorted into some serious criticism of the (lack of) security around Ballmer, of the nutcase who did that to him and how a couple of Special Forces gorillas were necessary to be there and make the dude disappear, how Ballmer was a big lad and could beat the bully to the ground and how he handled the whole issue with humor and better than Bill; if you remember, some time ago, Bill Gates received a cream pie in his face while visiting Brussels, his spectacles all over and fresh cream creeping down his cheeks. You can see this happening on YouTube...

Sad conclusion: Those same folks who take the piss on Monkey Boy all the time seem to form, in a heartbeat, a common front to his defense, ready to launch laser guided missiles to defend a fellow American from the Commies! Meaning, as long as they throw shit to his face, it's fine... it's thrown at him with love... however, no freakin' alien is allowed to do the same, or else, we'll take him down, him and his entire family...

Sounds familiar?

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