Tuesday, April 28, 2009


When I saw this first I couldn't help thinking about someone close, who has not traveled by airplane for 30 years now for the fear of... crashing! Anyways... If you'd be that 'lucky' then you better crowl into a hole and wait to die.

It's interesting to watch traffic picking up in the early morning hours of any given day in Europe as streams of passenger aircrafts arrive to destination from Asia and the Americas. Then as midday comes the flow from Europe to America reverses. Europe domestic traffic is boiling but it's still early morning hours in the US where the traffic seems low. As the morning breaks up in the US then, new traffic emerges and gives it a similar look and feel as Europe six to eight hours earlier.

This reminds me of early morning hours arriving to London Gatwick from overseas where you see immensely long queues stack up in front of immigration control, especially with flights from Asia! World economy and population moves on the making. I wonder whether this picture will ever grow to evolve in ways whereby the yellow spots on the map represent flights that leave planet earth and move away to intergalactic travels of some sort. Maybe in a million years.

As a thought for the day, don't you think that the little yellow spots on the map look very much like swine flu virusses spreading around. No wonder the WHO is really frightened this time.

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