Saturday, April 18, 2009

Zi6 experiences

I was feeling sort of bored yesterday and went out to buy me one of these Kodak Zi6 HD pocket video cameras, more out of curiosity, I should rather admit. Just wanted to have the experience of trying some video clip shooting with a cheapy tool like that. Would I be able to create something worth spending a few minutes to watch? Of course with some iMovie polishing to go along, that is. Well, you can see the results here. Took me some 20 minutes to shoot the footage and another 30 minutes to edit, and then save (another 20 min), and 'enjoy' it on my Bravia LCD flat screen via my AppleTV. Curiously enough, colors were pretty good and picture details too. Wasn't even rendered in 720p! Only thing I hated was the non-smooth and jagging movement from frame to frame. It felt kinda like frames were dropped during the original capture. it might have something to do with the quality of the SD card. Who knows?

Anyways, I owned video cameras with far lesser video quality (VHS video like - below VGA and broadcast SD), ever since I started with family videos 20 yrs ago, and those bitches used to cost me multiples of the Zi6. Editing was tough those days too... as I'm watching today some of the clips I did then, and I was even so fully proud of that 'work', I can hardly keep not laughing MAO! Amazing thing how far technology has come to. And prices fallen dramatically. In just 20 years. Sometimes I wonder real hard: What will our siblings' siblings own in hundred years from now? I'd love to be able to live for a moment's time in a hundred years or even two hundred, just to have a short glimpse on the A/V goodies and PC toys of the future. Would there still be Microsoft and Apple around? Who'd be able to tell?!

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