Saturday, April 11, 2009

Redefining ecosystems, or, counting down to one Billion downloads!

When Jobs launched the app store last July no living soul was able to foresee the level of success that initiative would enjoy. With more than 30 million iPhones and iPods Touch out in the clear as we speak, we are getting closer and closer to hitting one billion downloads in just over nine months after the July 08 launch. With the current download rates, that you can easily verify in Apple's countdown page (about 4 million a day according to my count yesterday), I'd expect them to hit one billion downloads the week after next. If you are owners of any of those two Apple gadgets, live in certain countries, and have used the service (or, not) you can keep closely monitoring the counts moving towards the Billionth milestone download, and, if you start downloading apps with your iTunes around the time you think that Billionth count to be met, you may win some generous give-aways by Apple Inc as a reward for hitting that target. Official competition rules to be found here...

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