Tuesday, April 14, 2009


This can also be found at the beach in De Haan, in between other Beaufort 03 masterpieces. However, don't misunderstand it's purpose. It's by no means a 'work' of contemporary art. No it ain't! Could have been... but, it ain't. Any guess? Come again? Yep, you gotit! It's an improvised toilet for urinating males! Listen up! We stopped for coffee at a beach café, out there in the dunes, 'built' upon the coastal sand, and I asked the owner for the toilet. He's like, 'is it for you?' I nodded positive and he goes, 'it's behind there'. When I faced the 'toilet', I decided to shoot its picture with my phone instead of spreading my liquids in that box. What's the point?! Now, tell me, aren't Belgians marvels of invention?

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