Monday, June 22, 2009

Opressing one's own family in the name of Allah

The world has been overwhelmed by the extent of the fraud scale in Iran by which the Ayatollahs have abused their position to bring that Ahmadi moron back to power. The professional media of the entire planet and all Internet social activity of the common man with a computer or smartphone are reporting non-stop the events in Tehran ever since the hubris and unseen arrogance of the reigning clerics hit the news about the 'undisputable' win of their clown! Is that Internet activity of any help? I believe so. The power of awareness by the masses is like an invisible force stronger than many tsunamis and earthquakes together. Only way possible to bring down oppressive regimes is from the inside. Iran is one of these regimes. Not many left around thank God, but those that are still around need the serious attention of the rest of the World.

Iranians are a folk of deep roots in the history of the world civilization. Persia and Messopotamia (modern Iran and Iraq) is where it all started for the Western World. They were far more advanced than the Ancient Greeks in the beginning of time (history). This culture is evident in the mind of modern Iranians if you come across any of them and spend a few minutes talking to them. I have personal experience from a number of my students who found their way to our European universities and after graduation they often do their very best to establish their future here and avoid going back and serve a regime of freakards. Ali is such a lovely soul that I have tried to help get a job recently... unfortunately, protectionist European authorities are not as easy to supply work permits to anyone nowadays and employers would use this as an alibi to refuse even opening a job application letter. On top of that, the recent image that Muslim extremists created for their religion in the West largely contributes to the negativity on behalf of commercial organizations rejecting job applications from folks of Middle Eastern origins. Add to that western popular TV series like Spooks and 24 and Bob's your uncle... I rest my case.

Coming back to the useless clerics of the Iranian regime, as I watch tens of footage clips, unedited, shot with mobile phones by demonstrating amateur filmers, I can't help not feeling a deep rage against the oppressors. I have always felt a natural disgust against all those who use religion to exercise power upon the liberties of the common man and woman in the street, regardless they are called the Pope, Patriarch, Ayatollah, Imam, Rabbi or whatever else. I always considered religions a pandemonium of symbols used by a few sly and 'gifted' representatives of 'God' to oppress the flocks of the commoners. Throughout history millions were sacrificed on the altar of some freaking religion. Nevertheless, the western world, in the last couple of hundred years, managed to segreggate religion from the State and to keep ambitious clerics into their churches and places of worship. And leave the rest of us get on with our lives.

Unforunately the Prophet, for reasons he only knew himself, dictated in the Muslim Holy Book that religion and state should be one and the same. Which leads us to the regimes of the Middle East today.

Nevertheless, the youth of Iran deserve better. This is the era of freedom where all people are actually born with equal opportunities everywhere. This is a new virtual world where bloggers and participants in the social phenomena of Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, Flickr and Youtube, are people of every race, color, social demographic, background and language. The question is though, can this community help globally overthrow bad regimes? I believe it can. Those regimes based their success in the past on the advantage of secrecy. Opressed and restricted the vocally resisting and the world forgot easily what the world did not hear.

Any of us (there are millions out there - many more than the actual followers of the Ayatollah regime) who are active on Internet should participate actively on the inititatives launched on Web 2.0 places. Visit and look at the most popular hashtags like #neda and #iranelection to see what I mean. We all owe this to the soul of Neda, the martyr who lost her life from a stray bullet of some 'security' guard or a Basji brainless moron. Her blood streaming out of her nose and mouth, her terrified eyes seeing the world in her last moments of life, the helpless cries of her father holding her tight to keep her from dying a useless death, will haunt me for ever. I am a father with a daughter her age and I feel the pain even more.

Common Iranians are good people, folks. It's their oppressive regime and those morons on top who need to disappear from the face of Iran. For ever... Join the movement!

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