Thursday, June 25, 2009

Pre vs iPhone

I found this article comment quite interesting... I'm sure you'll appreciate it too. BTW, John C Dvorak also said during a recent Cranky Geeks episode that the Pre's eventually gonna be a disastrous failure. Pity for Palm and their aficionados though. I kinda started liking Pre's GUI.

Ken Weaver @ Jun 17th 2009 6:17PM

I'm having trouble figuring out which phone to buy PALM PRE or IPHONE 3GS? Can anyone help me out here? As far as I can tell, it looks like this:

No multitasking
No Physical keyboard
No LED flash

8 GB memory limit
No true apps - only webapps (so weak)
No voice and data at the same time (because of Sprint CDMA network)
No voice dialing (WTF)
No video recording (WTF?)
No voice memos (WTF)
No movie rentals (over the air or otherwise)
No visual Voicemail
No TV show rentals
No audiobook purchasing
No true app store (18 is a joke)
No console-quality games (like Resident Evil, Metal Gear, 1000's of others for iPhone)
No Peer to Peer games
No VoiceOver (the iPhone can read any screen to you, just like a Mac)
No native in-car integration (iPhone has this with dozens of cars)
No podcasts
Crippled copy/paste (for example - you can't cut or copy a webpage or any part of it)
No universal search (crippled - no e-mail search)
Tiny keyboard (iPhone landscape and portrait keyboards are bigger than Pre's real keyboard)
No auto wi-fi login (just jumps on any open network and remembers them all)
No 7.2 Mbps network speed
No Remote Wipe
No Find My Phone feature
Can't function as a Remote for the household stereo (Great for parties, especially with the iTunes DJ feature where people can request songs)
Weak battery life
More expensive than iPhone
Very scratchable screen
No oleophobic protective screen
No real music store (Apple can break the compatibility at any time and I don't want to take that chance)
No Voice Commands (control music playing by saying "Depeche Mode" for example)
No Compass
No multiple and customizable home screens like iPhone (Pre only has one screen)
No Parental Controls
No Video Editing
No onboard Ringtone Creation
No 5 person conference calls
No Webclips

Anyone have anything to say about this? Can anyone honestly say the Pre has more features?

PS - the iPhone CAN multitask - you can listen to music, send e-mails, download files, AND surf the web at the same time. What you CANNOT do is have multiple 3rd party apps open at the same time - for example, I can't play Boggle AND Texas Holdem at the same time. And why would I? However, I CAN play Boggle, listen to my music, answer an email, download a PDF, etc. at the same time.

I would honestly like someone to list several dozen features the Pre has that the iPhone doesn't have. I guarantee no one will.

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