Monday, June 1, 2009

Why Bing will never make it...

Ok, now that I got your attention, look here. As I was wasting time twittering I see a LiveSearch tweet announcing the going live of Mr. BING. So, there I am linking to their homepage showing a snow leopard ready to bite your balls off (not sure for the snow or leopard part, I'm not that good in recognizing cats, but for a Mac aficionado it sure sounds intriguing if that cat was a snow leopard after all).

First target I try searching of course is my own VJK Diaries. Bing gives me a first page with plenty of mentions (click on the right screen capture for sharper view) but hardly any single hit pointing to the blog itself, as it should. Actually that blog is the sole responsible for all the hits that BING found. So, Bing found plenty of hits with the target but not the real thing, anywhere close to the top rank of the first return page! Ain't that sweet folks?!

For the ultimate comparison, I entered the same search term into Google and here's what I got (click for sharper view, as before):

Read them thru, kids. The proof is in the pudding! Google's rank is full of hits directly related to the blog, and for a full page, before it gets to hits alike those of Bing's.

Now simply tell me. What do you think people prefer? An accurate hit or just a hit with cats?

In D7 they showed a stats graph proving that most people choose a Search engine for its accuracy and ranking of hits. The rest is just shite for the retarded. Like the dude who spent billions of his company's immense cash pockets to create Bing, but had actually preferred it was called BOOM! I must credit him for preferring Boom though. It'd be closer to the implosion disaster he's about to face not in the too distant future, like his Encarta or the books scanning project...

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