Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Go check this report, folks and have a blast. Whereas Apple haters and Computing agnostics enjoy taking the piss on everything coming out of Infinite Loop 1, Cupertino, CA, the broader consumer Public overwhelms the ill prepared ATT and Apple eCommerce sites that were supposed to accept incoming pre-orders of the new iPhone, since yesterday.

Now then, I can't get it how the ICT departments in such high profile business cases handle their loads and system functionality. Apparently, ATT thought of nothing better to do this weekend than implement an update of their Customer DB systems without proper testing. Well done dudes! You sound like you all been bribed by non-evil Google and Monkey Boy! In 2010 of all times! How is this all possible!?!  I hope their management gets seriously axed! To see what it means to part from luxury pay-slips and company cars! What a load of morons!

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