Thursday, June 24, 2010

World Sucker Cup 2010

For more than 10 days now hundreds of millions soccer fans of all colors and shapes are glued to their TV screens to watch their favorite teams and players kicking each other's butts like modern gladiators. Only difference with ancient Rome, conform to the pretentious habits and rules of the current era, no blood drops are allowed on the grass carpet. In the times of gladiators it was exactly that fans loved to see.

I'm not an expert in soccer... far from; I can tell an off-side, I think. I'm mostly watching the matches because of the HD TV factor especially in close-ups, and few ultra slow motion images, real pleasure to watch. What are these shot at in terms of speed? Ten times normal? I have no clue... but it's fabulous...

I must say, I'm not too impressed with what I saw so far. Most European favorites suck very badly! Especially the English. I hope the Krauts teach them a lesson this weekend.

Oh, yes, the English... They went to South Africa with big slogans that they'd get to the final and maybe win the Cup first time since 1964, but... they almost didn't make it to the following round. Whereas, Team USA, the underdogs, playing wonderful game, no fuss (or dirty soccer player tricks), or any C.Ronaldo-like show-offs, and no hooligan players like that Rooney dude, smoothly made it to the next round as a 'surprise'! Believe me, in a few World-Cups from now the Cup will end up in the US. I kid you not!

What irritates me the most though is the lack of looking at the facts objectively by match commentators and round table reporters, and "experts" discussing the game between halftimes, and after the game. Especially the so-called experts piss me off big time. Know what? They all know it better, they would all have done it much better, they all feel entitled to blame some team or player of being useless. How arrogant these a-holes can be! Makes Dick Cheney a pussy cat!

Let me give you an example: On BBC, the anchor reporter for many years, Gary Lineker, top scorer of the English team in the Mexico World Cup in 1984, is regularly accompanied by Alan Shearer, another UK team International. Both are more or less descent... There's this other guy though, whose name I don't know (and don't even wanna know), who's got a big mouth full of shit! He probably played ball some time ago too. My Gosh! The way he comments about teams and players! All things English of course are the best possible football could buy! All the rest are good for nothing. A small sample of this attitude: His comments before the game Argentina vs. Greece. "Greeks are useless... I hope Mesi scores many goals... I hope Argentina breaks the current Portuguese record against North Korea... I wanna see many goals in this game...". After the game, it was all the fault of the Greeks and their solid defense that the Argentina superstars could only score twice, and this by mistakes of the Greeks. They shouldn't allow teams building Greek defense walls in the game. In other words, if the English would play Argentina, they'd be heros if they did what the Greeks did. Now that the 'bleedin' Greeks played like this, it was bad... they took away his orgasmic wet dream fantasies to see them lose like North Korea and have the Maradona stars kick ball into their goalpost in double digits, right?

A Dutch commentator on the Flemish channel Canvas Sport had a similar remark : "The Greek coach..." who happens to be German and led Greece to winning the European Cup in 2004, I think, he urged, "took the bricks off the Berlin wall after the breakdown and moved them to Athens to build a Greek wall in the National squad." How insane can someone be to make a public statement like that?

You don't even wanna hear what I witnessed during the Portugal-North Korea match. The number of times commentators cynically referred to the 'Great Leader', the upper Chief of Korea that every brainwashed Westerner loves to hate, is beyond count. They all 'felt sorry' for those poor suckers (the Korean squad) who would end up in jail or face death upon return to the country including all the members of their (up to third degree) families, for the shame they inflicted upon the Nation... C'm on folks! Get a life! These reporters need to see a shrink real quick! Do I pay my radio and TV tax to hear this shit on my screen? Dear me! That's why the other day I stopped watching a game and saw a movie instead. Invictus! Also playing in South Africa. Rugby this time...

This tells you a story. Soccer fan(atic)s and their experts are brainless morons, violent bloodthirsty suckers, cynical nitwits, full of arrogance and unfair sarcasm, who know all things soccer better than God, and when their team sucks it's always the fault of the referee, the ball or the other team's sneaky tricks! How sad!

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