Sunday, August 26, 2007

The kid that bit the worm out of the Apple!

That's the 17 year old kid who has proven the incompetence of Apple and AT&T engineers (really hard to believe). What's so wrong with software really beats me... I've been managing companies involved in this business for more than 25 years and I still can't get it... I mean, 17 year old kids breaking the code generated by the 'system'. Amazing... it's like asking a teenager to perform brain surgery and the kid does it better than a bunch of seasoned experts. How can that be? We are not talking about the usual malware like lousy viruses or spyware or any of that pussie stuff that anyone with an Internet connection can learn how-to in a matter of hours. We are talking about real hacking of sophisticated embedded software systems from big ass companies... Is that simple after all? God save us then! I won't be able to sleep tonite, I think...

For what's worth, take a look at FSJ's comment on the incident... if you feel like having some good laughs that is.

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