Friday, August 24, 2007

What took them so long?

Well it had to happen... ever since its launch last June 29th scores of hackers have been trying to unlock the iPhone and make it work with SIM cards from different operators than the friggin' AT&T. They were eventually successful. If you happen to own one of these marvels and you wanna get rid of your AT&T operator go check the brilliant hacker's site here.

Full articles on the hack of the month you can find here and here. Engadget also offers an explanatory video that doesn't say much but anyways...

Allegedly, Apple and AT&T are dealing with the problem. Meaning that any moment now Apple will come out with a compulsory update that will fix the problem until the next hack arrives. Instead of pissing off consumers with their insane decision to link the little marvel to a monster operator like AT&T they should better do what anybody else does in this market. Offer the phone free of any links with operators. The rest is sheer BS.

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