Monday, May 19, 2008

Terry Vangelis K.

That's what we called my youngest son (getting 20 next August). He's got the ideal face to shoot photographs and paint portraits of him, he always has had that (from the cradle).

I recently victimized him and got him in front of my lenses (actually he's the only one left of my three kids that lives with us during the weekends, thus, only one available for a portrait 'shooting' session).

After I did the African Head I decided to paint Terry's portrait from one photograph shot in the recent session I spoke earlier about (result shown here). I recorded the painting with time lapse on my Canon 40D again (about 850 shots) and created the clip you can watch on YT. The accompanying music is by Moby (18) and the clip was assembled as always with iMovie (in say half an hour incl. uploading to YT).

Hope you like it...

PS. Forgot to mention... the painting itself took some 4 hours to complete, I reckon.

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