Thursday, October 23, 2008

Get a life, dude!

I couldn't stop laughing reading the comments on this article... Apparently, this UBS analyst Maynard decided Apple needs a downgrade following their Q4 conference call last Tuesday. Duh? Anyway, read his remarks as he downgrades AAPL from buy to neutral. And he set his new target to 115 bucks, from 125.

I often made cranky comments on reporters and analysts being the scum of the earth but this Maynard dude defies every logic. I feel sorry he works for UBS as I am a good customer of theirs (non investment bank, of course). I am not surprised from his remarks though... it's a great contrarian strategy* to make people pay attention to you... it pays off even if you eventually look like an idiot... even more so, if you are lucky enough to be proven right, God forbid, you look like a genius and the flocks then really start paying attention.

Nevertheless, read the readers' comments below the article and have a good laugh. With the state of the markets again today, what else can you do?

* Riding against the wave... going against the masses... stick out by defying logic!

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