Sunday, October 12, 2008

Obama leads the polls...

Sounds like music to my ears. Especially the statistically significant bit! Now if the poor bastard was born 100% blank we'd all sing our way to the bank! This is the thing I am sh*tscared about those sixpack Joes, like McCunt likes to call them, especially those of my generation or older. Among the young who will have to suffer the most if another Bush sequel emerges, Obama has a 20 point lead! It's the older demographic groups who are typically afraid of his dark skin. As most have been raised in a climate where blacks were mostly the stupid, ugly, and good for nothin', it will take quite a bit of extra cycles for older 'whites' to accept a colored guy for President. Especially those senile stinkin' rich Florida pensioners... It is a well known phenomenon, the 'Bradley effect'. I am very much afraid that history might repeat itself. Especially having experienced eight years of an appalling regime by G.W. Bush and his vicious hawks.

Despite how much I want the Democrats to win this time (I admit it, nobody's perfect... I wished the Republicans to win in 2000 because of that cow Janet Reno going after my dearest Microsoft those days), I'll keep my fingers crossed until we see the final outcome. And if it comes our way, I promise, I'm gonna get puke drunk first time ever in my pitiful life... can you believe that?

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